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The Basics

The Qadriya Sufi Fellowship of America is a non-profit organization devoted to creating love and bringing spiritual transformation within the individual. Whether it is through guiding and empowering the individual spiritually or serving and contributing to the global community, the organization strives to be a source of light and love in the lives of all who come in contact.

The Board (2021-22)


Dr. Jaysinha Shinde

[Dr. T. G. Jilani]

Vice President

Alex Hill


Ali Hill

Emily Adams

Pamela Padilla

Officer of Record

Christopher Adams

Members of the Board

Deirdre Savaria

Joshua Harden

John Hader

Vikram Suresh

Hollie Thompson

Kelsey Hanna Ares

Bianca Passalacqua Thon

Lydia Schrock

Nicholas Berardelli

Ntchana Batoma

Alex John Seidler

Dylan Butler

Rose Paoletti

Michelle Meyerholtz

Ali Kourani

Our Principal

Everything associated with QSFA is, and will always be, 100% free and unconditional, Beloved willing. No donations are accepted.


While the history of this lineage starts long ago in other parts of the globe,  Qadriya Sufi Fellowship of America began in the United States in 2011 when Dr. Jaysinha Shinde [Dr. T. G. Jilani] was given the khilafat (spiritual succession) of his teacher, Hazrat Allama Chaman Qadri (r.a.a.). Following in his footsteps of a life of spiritual service on the Qadriya Sufi path, QSFA began with its many service initiatives. Read about QSFA's past and present service here. 



Dr. Jilani is scholar of Hadith who completed the 6 collections, along with the Muawatta and Mishwaq, with permission to teach. He served as the Muezzen for ISNA in Indiana, and was head of management in EID celebrations. He contributed to the building of the mosque in Terre Haute, and was a part of the clean-up crew in the Carbondale, IL mosque. Finally, he was the imam at MSA at his local University fora number of a years.


Today, the organization sponsors two main focus groups: 

QSFA Milestones


Qadriya Sufi Fellowship of America is founded


First GMAT prep classes offered and first scholarships awarded


Annual H. Daata Saheb and H. Babuji Christmas initiatives begin


Daata Center for Mindfulness and Spiritual Pluralism established


EIU Mindfulness Club takes off!


Ahl-e Qulub, QSFA's sufi music group, has their first performances


Mindfulness in Higher Education is founded


EIU Spirituality Club, EIU Sustainability Club, and the Fruit Pantry are established 


EIU Fruit Pantry distributes approx. 1 ton of free fruit


Ecstatic Sufi goes live!


World Tour / Hijra: Making a difference in the world

Ahl-e Qulub- a Sufi music group whose purpose is to spread light and peace through traditional and original Sufi litanies.

Mindfulness in Higher Education- a non-profit program providing scholarships and encouraging mindfulness on college campuses.

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