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Why Serve?

The Qadriya Sufi Way emphasizes service to humanity as an honor and a privilege. For a Sufi, the reward for serving and giving is simply the act itself, and the opportunity to please the Beloved. 

Although service is a noble and necessary facet of spirituality, as Sufis we do not concentrate on "do-gooding." We posit that if the primary purpose is to become good, not committing dichotomous acts of service, and naturally kind acts will follow wherever one goes.

As QSFA starts to branch out into other parts of the world, we are thrilled to put our efforts into serving humanity where ever they are needed.

Image by Ross Parmly

Serving Globally

2021 Initiatives

In 2021, QSFA stepped into a world of opportunity by going global. Our scope of service to humankind is not bound by climate, language, or culture, and we aim to facilitate compassion, generosity, and empowerment in our current initiatives:

Tree Planting 

We are in the midst of planting mile-long stretches of trees, free of cost, to provide beauty, shade, and fresh oxygen in one of the world's most polluted cities. Additionally, we are regularly feeding local wildlife. It is through these exciting initiatives that QSFA endeavors to serve humankind and animal kind alike.

Enabling Children

QSFA is working with underprivileged children and orphanages to enrich and enable disadvantaged youth. Whether it is by dispensing free delicious meals or by contributing our expertise to provide free scholastic education, we aim to foster growth by shining sunlight on the saplings of today. Check out a video related to this initiative above!

Empowering Transgender

QSFA has had the unique privilege of collaborating with a marginalized community of khawaja sira (Transgender) peoples. In this, our non-profit group is given the beautiful opportunity to offer mental-health and wellbeing tools, financial support and empowerment, and spiritual counsel. 

Feeding Minorities

Mental illness, extreme poverty and poor living conditions afflicts many, but especially groups of minorities. Our organization reaches out to these disadvantaged communities to offer free meals along with emotional and spiritual encouragement.

Image by Aman Dhakal

Other Initiatives


QSFA strives to encourage educational pursuits through offering scholarships, free English and mathematics classes, free GMAT and ACT tutoring/materials, and on-campus meditation/mindfulness classes. We hope to foster balance and centeredness in students during their formative college years, and push them to overcome their barriers in every aspect of life.

On-Campus Meditation

From 2013 to 2019, we offered free weekly meditation sessions for students, faculty, and community members. Meditation is an empirically proven technique to increase mental health, reduce physical ailments such as hypertension, and increase information retention. We've had the pleasure of teaching meditation to a variety of student organizations, faculty groups, at public lectures, and many more!

Test Preparation and Tutoring

We are always encouraging students to reach their highest potential. When able, QSFA offers free tutoring and materials for standardized tests such as the ACT, GMAT, and GRE 


Since 2011, QSFA has provided over 70 scholarships to students at Eastern Illinois University. Each of these scholarships is given in honor of individuals who have devoted their lives to service and unconditionality.

Free Food

For many years, QSFA annually donates poultry, food, desserts, and treats to the local food pantry. It is through this initiative that QSFA seeks to support the disadvantaged members of the wider community.

Tree Planting

In Summer 2017, local organic basil were donated to the Champaign/Urbana area. QSFA also sponsored the planting of trees in various regions of the world to promote. Through these humble initiatives QSFA hopes to beautify the lands and soften the hearts of humanity.

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