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"Mastery comes only

after being a student."

Our Murshid

Shaykh Dr. Talah Muadh Ghulam Jilani

Thank you for you inquiry! Someone will get back to you within two days, Beloved willing!

Your Spiritual Journey

If you are beginning your spiritual journey, seeking guidance, interested in Sufism, or simply have questions about QSFA, don't hesitate to fill out the contact form.


QSFA typically meets for meditation (muraqaba/zikr), companionship (sohbet), and lovefulness discourses. The exact times and locations vary and are always subject to change. If you're interested in attending a session, please email us and we'll provide the necessary information.

The lovefulness discourses are lead by our teacher (Murshid), Dr. Talha Muadh Ghulam Jilani, or a senior student who has been given explicit permission by him to lead in his absence.

Online Video Streaming

Discourses are streamed virtually on Instagram Live through our Instagram account: @EcstaticSufi. This platform helps us stick to our principal; all services that issue from QSFA are always free of charge!

Keep abreast of the most current information and attend sessions online by following our Instagram:

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