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How to Experience Lasting Tranquility

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Have you ever wanted to cultivate a meditation practice that becomes constant in your life or that actually creates noticeable differences in you? The best way to create a lasting effect of meditation is to pick one meditation and practice it every day. Imagine that meditation is like digging a well. If you continually dig everyday in the same spot, eventually you will hit water. Likewise, if you are always changing the spot you are digging in (changing meditation techniques) or you hardly dig, it will take you a lifetime, and yet you won’t find water.


Some Simple Steps for Creating a Consistent Practice

Pick a Time

Choose a time in the day where you can have 5 minutes of peace. Whether it is right when you wake up, early in the morning, or the evening; whatever works best for you.

Pick a Place

Try to meditate in the same spot each time.

Tie to a Habit

When trying to create a new habit, it is helpful to tie it to an existing habit such as brushing teeth, showering, etc.


A Simple Daily Meditation Technique

Set a Positive Intention

Begin your meditation by setting a positive intention. This can be anything from wanting more love in your heart, wanting more peace in your life, or just wanting a moment of stillness.

Hold Your Breath

Next, take a deep breath in and hold it until it becomes just slightly uncomfortable. By holding the breath, you begin to quiet the mind and focus your attention in on the breath.


Visualize something which softens and brings peace to your heart. This can be anything from a scene in nature, a person you love, or a symbol from a religious path.


Let go of your visualization and turn your attention to your breath. On the inhale say the word, “Huck” and, “Tu-He-Tu” on the exhale, silently to yourself. This simply means, “The Truth, You Are.” Whatever the Truth might mean to you, whether the Truth is Love, Goodness, Allah, God, the Universe, Light, etc.

Gently Come Out

After about 5-7 minutes gently come out of your meditation. Sit silently and still for a few moments, letting the peace you cultivated slowly sink in before you go back to the world.


When practiced consistently, once or twice a day, this meditation practice can bring noticeable increases of tranquility into your life. You will start seeing changes in yourself, and the people around you may notice changes as well. You will notice that you become more calm, less reactive, less irritated, and less judgmental. This Sufi meditation can be practiced by anyone, whether you are on a secular, religious, or spiritual path. Try it and experience for yourself the tranquility and peace it can bring.

Check out our infographic for a step by step guide to the meditation.

For a further explanation of the meditation and a guided meditation check out these videos or visit our YouTube channel "Ecstatic Sufi."

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