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The Four Paths to Peace

The Qadriya Sufi way emphasizes four main categories of spiritual practice


To practice the Qadriya Sufi way, one can be religious, non-religious, agnostic, spiritual, and even atheist. The only requirement is to have a sincere heart, a desire for inner transformation, and a willingness to try the practices and see how they change your life. As the saying goes, "the proof of the pudding is in the tasting." 

The spiritual journey has many aspects–no single meditation, affirmation, or book will bring one to the Goal. Different practices and methods serve as medicines for the spiritual maladies we seek to cure. As our hearts transform throughout the journey, we find spiritual nourishment through these different methods of cultivating love, compassion, and connection.


Karma Yog

And still, after all this time,
The sun never says to the earth,
"You owe Me."

Look what happens with a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.

H. Hafiz

رضي الله عنه

The Qadriya Sufi Way emphasizes serving on an unconditional basis, giving without any expectation of return, reward, or recognition. In serving we are given an opportunity to come outside of ourselves, making it easier to detach from ego-driven concerns. 

Service is practiced in every aspect of life, from family and friends, to the local and global community. QSFA has had the honor and privilege of establishing annual service projects, scholarships, and many more. Learn about these initiatives here!



& Meditation

The Qadriya Sufi Way utilizes various meditative and contemplative techniques to help cultivate a mindful, loving, and gentle life. Practiced and refined for over a thousand years, these techniques have changed the lives of millions.

We teach a simple meditation technique that can easily be learned and practiced by any person. Other techniques are available for those wishing to take their practice further. While they all have their specific purposes, every technique we use is focused on creating love within the heart.

Students can begin their basic meditation practice by attending one of our free sessions and learning the technique. Meeting times can be found here.

Dhyan Yog

And still, after all this time,
The sun never says to the earth,
"You owe Me."

Look what happens with a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.

H. Hafiz

رضي الله عنه



Dnyan Yog

True knowledge is the state of unity.

The wise lover unites with his Beloved. From this material realm,

flying with spiritual wings 
he soars to the realm of attainment,

for the devout walk to Paradise 
while the wise fly to the realms

close to their Lord.

H. Abdul Qadir Jilani

رضي الله عنه

The Qadriya Sufi Way is one of constant growth, learning, and transformation. Knowledge is sought actively and passionately both inwardly and outwardly through study of scriptures and works from the greats saints.

The Sufi approach to knowledge and study is very practical and pragmatic. Lofty concepts and theories which may be valid, yet not directly applicable to a seeker, are not emphasized. Instead, that knowledge which incites love and change within oneself takes the fore.

QSFA regularly provides books to beginning students to increase knowledge and love as they begin their journey. Some of these include; The Last Barrier, The Chasm of Fire, The Essential Rumi, and many more. Other works are available in the growing spiritual library of the Daata Center.


Bhakti Yog

Intensity & Love

At the heart of these methods of cultivating spiritual life lies the most important aspect: love and intensity. All service, meditation, and knowledge is used for the sole purpose of creating love for the Divine and compassion for creation.

Love is the most powerful and transformative force within the human being--it makes the spiritual journey smooth, organic, and immensely enjoyable. With intense, unconditional love, obstacles become easy, fears disappear, and the impossible becomes achievable. To swim in the ocean of ever-increasing, intoxicating love is the height of the spiritual journey.

Be drunk one hour with it,

and you shall have all of time

as your slave, at your command.
The one who lives sober in this world

has not had a life, 
And the one who dies not drunk

has missed the mark.

H. Umar Ibn al-Farid 

رضي الله عنه