The Qadriya Sufi Way emphasizes service to humanity as an honor and a privilege. For a Sufi, the reward for serving and giving is simply the act itself, and the opportunity to please the Beloved. 

Although service is a noble and necessary facet of spirituality, as Sufis we do not concentrate on "do-gooding." We posit that if the primary purpose is to become good, not committing dichotomous acts of service, naturally, kind acts will follow wherever one goes.

As QSFA starts to branch out into other parts of the world, we are thrilled to put our efforts into serving humanity where ever they are needed.

Local Initiatives


QSFA strives to encourage educational pursuits through offering scholarships, free GMAT and ACT tutoring/materials, and on-campus meditation/mindfulness classes. We hope to foster balance and centeredness in students during their formative college years, and push them to reach their highest potential in every aspect of life. 


Since 2011, QSFA has provided over 70 scholarships to students at Eastern Illinois University. Each of these scholarships is given in honor of individuals who have devoted their lives to service and unconditionality.


Scholarships are now also available for students seeking to actively immerse themselves in mindfulness practices. For more information on how to apply, feel free to contact us here.


Test preparation and tutoring:

We are always encouraging students to reach their highest potential. When able, QSFA offers free tutoring and materials for standardized tests such as the ACT, GMAT, and GRE 

On-campus meditation sessions:

Every semester, we offer free weekly meditation sessions for students, faculty, and community members. We've had the pleasure of teaching meditation to a variety of student organizations, faculty groups, at public lectures, and many more!

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Scholarships 2014
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Scholarships 2013
Daata Saheb Kenya Initiative
Daata Saheb Kenya Initiative
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Initiatives for Spiritual Pluralism

Qadriya Sufis take great joy in encouraging and empowering people of all spiritual paths. Many of our initiatives reflect both our commitment to serving the community and our dedication to spiritual pluralism.

Annual Hazrat Chaman Qadri Christmas Initiative:

Our dearest Sufi master, Hazrat Chaman Qadri, loved supporting spiritual celebrations of other faiths. Often times, he would send sweets to the local Christian schools during the month of Christmas. Since 2011, QSFA has annually donated food and/or funds to the Charleston Area Churches Food Pantry. 

Annual Hazrat Muzaffar Ali Shah (Daata Saheb) Project:

Daata Saheb exemplified compassion and spiritual pluralism. In December (2015, 2014, and 2013), to celebrate the life of H. Daata Saheb, QSFA began a small Christmas gift project for Manifest Christ Ministries in Kenya. 

Huzur Gharib Nawaz Saheb Initiative:

Huzur Gharib Nawaz, also known as Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, was a disciple and cousin of our Sufi grandmaster Huzur Ghosepak.  Gharib Nawaz Saheb was given the task of bringing the gentle Sufi path to the Indian subcontinent. Due to his loving, tolerant, and generous nature, he became one of the land's most revered saints, and evert year his tomb is visited by millions of pilgrims from many faiths. As an homage to his spiritual pluralism, QSFA hosts senior yoga classes at our zawiya, the Daata Center for Mindfulness and Spiritual Pluralism.

In 2014 and 2015, QSFA was privileged to host the Unitarian Universalists of Eastern Illinois at the Daata Center. 

In Summer 2017, local organic tulsi plants (Holy Basil) were donated to Hindus in the Champaign/Urbana area. QSFA also sponsored the planting of trees in both Israel and Palestine.

"Spiritual Philanthropy means

that you don't seek a reward,

neither in this world

nor the hereafter."

H. Mawlana Chaman Qadri

رضي الله عنه


"What use is gold to a dervish? 

If you must do something,

then go outside a school,
and when the children come out for lunch,

give them something delicious to eat.

That will be very pleasing to the Beloved.

H. Daata Sahib

رضي الله عنه