The Path of Love

The Qadriya Sufi Way

"One who is purified by love is pure,

and one who is absorbed in the Beloved

and has abandoned all else

is a Sufi."

H. Ali Hujwiri

رضي الله عنه

For over a thousand years,

the Qadriya Sufi Way has served to create Divine love within hearts.

The goal of this path is simple:

to find complete union with the Beloved.

What is the Beloved?

Many call the Beloved

by different names--       

God, Allah, Yahweh, 

Deva, Light, Source, etc.

From a Sufi standpoint,

the Beloved is One,

and the many beautiful names given by the world's spiritual traditions refer to this same Truth. 

This goal can be simply described as living in intoxicating, unceasing, unconditional love, free from fear, suffering, depression, anxiety, and selfishness--true happiness that increases exponentially every day.

Union with the Beloved also has many names--enlightenment, sainthood, self-realization, waliyat, moksha, and many more.

What is union with the Beloved?

How does one achieve union?

The Qadriya Sufi Way is one of many ways of achieving union with the Divine. It is a way of life and practice that will bring one to this goal, simply by creating love within an individual and freeing them from attachment to the ego (nafs) and the world (dunya). 

Choosing a path to the Divine

The path of seeking the Divine has been practiced throughout human history, packaged in different ways for different peoples, but with a common essence that has remained unchanged.

This essence is love.